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NQPS Security
Protecting Far North Queensland since 1974
Armed Guards
for Premium Protection
High Level Security for Cash Transport Services & Close Protection Detail
CCTV and Alarm Monitoring
Remotely monitor your assets from anywhere, anytime
Property Patrols
and Alarm Response
As part of a Security Management Strategy to Detect and Deter Intruders
Secured Cash Transport
Maximise the safety of your staff and protect your cash
Event Security
When you need Crowd Management & a Security Presence
Complimentary On-Site Security Evaluation
Request a Complimentary On-Site Security Evaluation to be Eligible to receive
Exclusive Offers and security news. You can opt out at any time.  
NQPS can provide you with a complete Security Management Service Plan combining the following services 
Patrols & Alarm Response

Security Patrols are available to conduct regular mobile patrols with on-premise investigation if required.  Patrols are conducted randomly within parameters specified by yourself. We can also attend to alarms after hours, for instance if there's an attempted break in at your property. This saves you from attending

Security Personnel

We can supply qualified unarmed security personnel to protect property, people or events.    Armed security personnel can be supplied for Cash in Transit and for the protection of persons carrying cash/valuables and close protection detail.

CCTV & Alarm Monitoring

If you require a new alarm system using the latest technology, we can supply and install CCTV and alarm monitoring systems for your home or business.  Systems can also be configured for remote access so you can easily monitor your assets when you are away using your phone or tablet. 

Event Security

Is your business equipped to handle large numbers of people attending a function, for example a music festival or school breakup party? Don't expose your event to crowd control problems that can easily get out of hand. Arrange for our qualified security personnel to look after this safely and professionally for you.

Cash Transport & Security

We offer cash management solutions that can protect your valuable cash generated from your business, and maximize the safety of your staff and customers. Around the clock security personnel can also be provided to banks to guard and monitor the property to protect it from an access breach and potential theft

Our Team at NQPS are highly experienced & licenced professionals who can assist you with your security needs.
Protecting Far North Queensland since 1974

NQPS Pty Ltd (trading as FNSS Guards & Patrols and N.Q. Protective Services & NQPS Security) has been providing professional and reliable security services to Far North Queensland since 1974.   We have one focus as a company, and that is to make sure your premises, regardless of whether it is your factory, office, home, or building, stays secure.  It is our privilege to serve our valued clients in Far North Queensland, providing them with security guard, cash escort and alarm response services as well as alarm monitoring and alarm system installations for your home and business.  Independent to multinational firms we are a locally owned Cairns based company proud to stand on our record. All our staff are trained and licensed professionals in accordance with State legislative requirements.

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